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Urinary tract infection involves those diseases which affect the urinary tract system. These diseases¬†can range from bladder infections to kidney infections which are most commonly found in women, affecting more than 150 million of the world’s population every year. As a woman your chances of getting urinary tract infections are way high, statistics have shown that most women get UTI before the age of 24 this is as a result of them climaxing on their sexual activities.


What are the causes of Urinary tract infections(UTI)

Urinary tract infection is the key reason why we are often told to wipe front to back after using the bathroom, This is because the urethra(the tube that carries urine from the bladder to outside the body) is located close to the anus as a result of this bacteria from the large intestine such as E.coli are the best position to escape the anus and infect the urethra.

These bacteria travel up to the bladder and if not treated can also get to the kidney and infect it. Having unprotected sex is a very effective way to introduce bacteria into the urinary tract system.

What are the possible symptoms of urinary tract infection(UTI)

These are some possible symptom of UTI

  • Feeling tired or shaky
  • Pressure or pain in your back or lower abdomen
  • Dark, cloudy, bloody, or smelling urine
  • A burning feeling when urinating
  • A frequent or intense urge to urinate even when you really want to easy

Treatment for urinary tract infection(UTI)

Its wise to visit your doctor the moment the first symptom strikes, if left untreated, this could lead to a kidney infection which can eventually lead to a blood infection which is dangerous to the health and life itself.

Perform a culture test to determine the presence of bacteria, once that’s done your doctor will prescribe safe antibiotics to cure the infection and ensure to finish the prescribed cycle of medication completely even after you start feeling better.

Meanwhile, drink lots of water as this helps to flush out bacteria from your system. Your doctor may also prescribe medications for the pain.

Studies on the effectiveness of using cranberry for the treatment and prevention of urinary tract infection has produced a mixed result, however, a 2012 review of 24 studies as regards to the effectiveness of cranberry juice on urinary tract infections found they did not significantly reduce the incidence of UTI.

How to prevent urinary tract infections(UTI)

  • Clean your genital area before sex
  • Choose showers over baths
  • Wipe from front to back
  • Empty your bladder frequently as soon as you feel the need to use the bathroom
  • Urinate after sex to flush bacteria that might enter the urethra
  • Drink lots of water
  • Keep your genital area dry by wearing cotton underwear and loose fittings
  • Avoid tight jeans and nylon underwear as they trap moisture thereby creating the perfect environment for bacteria
  • Talk to your doctor about your birth control methods, diaphragm users are more likely to get UTI because the rim causes trauma to the urethra.

This post will help to educate you on what UTI is all about and the various means to prevent them.

If you are already exhibiting symptoms I advise you visit your doctor for a proper test and check up.