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Its no news that couples these days what sex to last so long to increase pleasure time, it all comes down to ways to last longer in bed. One may ask “how long does an average sex session last?”. the average sex session last for about 5-10 minutes but truth b told most guys last less than 2 minutes which is a major problem, this is as a result of lacking the sexual stamina to perform during sex thereby resulting to premature ejaculation.

I had this same problem trust me when I tell you that is very frustrating when your girlfriend looks that you with that look of disappointment for failing to please her. I started looking for ways to get rid of this problem until I came across this tips which ill share with you below.

Believe me when I tell you that the net is full of information on how to handle this problem which when you try them out you probably won’t get any result because most of this information is written by people who have never experienced this problem.

With that been said ill list out the three-step which I used to get rid of my premature ejaculation and was able to last long in bed.

Tips to last longer in bed

Step 1: reduce your sexual anxiety

You may want to reduce your level of anxiety when going into sex because the moment you tell yourself that you’re going to cum fast then you definitely will cum fast. Biologically this makes sense, the insecurity makes you anxious and anxiety reduces the amount of time you’re supposed to last by either by subjecting you to erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation.

The only way around anxiety is confident and this can be achieved by talking with your partner, don’t always be in a hurry to have that sex learn to about that problem it’s really nothing to be ashamed of.

Step 2: exercise daily to last long in bed

There are to common exercise you need to carry out daily if you are looking to last longer in bed and they include;

Kegels and reverse kegels

The best way to gain more control over your ejaculation is to strengthen the muscles that control ejaculation.

These exercises help you strengthen that muscle helping you gain more control.

This muscle is called the pubococcygeus muscle or pelvic floor, controls the flow of urine as well as ejaculation.

Kegel and reverse kegel can be done while standing, sitting, or lying down. Squeeze and hold the pelvic floor muscles for a few seconds, hold each contraction for 10 secs.

Relax for 5 secs and repeat again


Masturbation and edging

Yes you heard it right masturbation is another great key, and it involves doing it and doing it the right way. Many guys have trouble lasting long in bed because they masturbate the wrong way, if you are the type that goes full jackhammer and cum in less than a minute or two then you probably going to have a problem when you face the real deal.

The basic key to masturbation is making sure you last nothing less than 10 minutes, you can’t afford to cum less than that. Once you’ve achieved that, up it to 15 minutes and then to 20.

During masturbation, you may want to control your pleasure rate and this is done through EDGING. You may also want to do this later during sex.

How edging works

  • Start masturbating and get yourself arouse on the scale of 7 to 10
  • Stop and cool down to about 5 on the scale
  • Start again and work yourself up to about 8 on the scale
  • Cool down to about 6 on the scale
  • Start again and work up to 9 and cool down to 7
  • Repeat the last step over and over again until you finally climax

Youll notice that you have more control after this method and also your orgasms are much stronger.

There are other techniques which you can also combine with edging, they include;


take deep breaths as you stroke diaphragmatic breaths.


think about anything else( like how your dad is gonna kill you when he burst you having sex in his house. That works every time)


Squeeze your pubococcygeus muscle for at least 10 minutes


you may want to change the way you stroke, avoid the head instead of stopping entirely

With these techniques combined together, you should have better control over your ejaculation. You may want to set aside 20 minutes every night to carry out this practice and get stronger.

If you’ve got a partner is wise to let her know what you’re working on so as to help you get through it, she might help by giving you a blow job combined with the above technique or you can as well practice slow sex.


Step 3: simple techniques to last longer in bed

If you have been working on the above 2 steps, you should probably last longer in bed right now.

So am just going to give you the super B techniques which you can apply in during sex.


Most guys try to hit the nail at the head so fast and this is a very wrong approach to sex. Most women expect you to initiate the sex phase by phase which includes;

Here’s what you do, talk to your partner about lasting long, this way she won’t be cut off by surprise. Then initiate the kissing and the touching after that, you would want to get her off manually you go down on her to perform the cunnilingus after which she goes down to perform the fellatio.

Once she goes down on you always remember to tell to push against your PC muscle, this makes you last longer in bed.

When you’ve peaked you can get some cooldown time by going back down on her as this will help increase how long you last.

Using sex positions for edging

Edging during foreplay seems pretty easy but kinda different during sex, you really don’t want to keep stopping an starting cause thus might frustrate her and may also give you sexual anxiety because of you are busy worrying about cumming too soon.

Instead of worrying too much you can edge yourself by switching up positions.

NOTE: some positions will arouse you fast while others will take a while its all about the combination of

  • Friction
  • Direction
  • Control
  • Your position.

A position with her legs closed will create friction plus doing this lying down which will stimulate you and get you off pretty fast. But a position with her legs spread and you standing or kneeling will give you fewer stimuli and you’ll have more time.

Breathing slowly from your diaphragm

You can affect your ejaculation time by the way you breathe, the same way you trick yourself into being happy with my smiling.

To control your anxiety level and feel less aroused slow your breathing and ensure to take deep belly breath with your diaphragm. Taking a quick breath when you are about to cum helps you gain control and last longer in bed.

That’s it guys with the psychological change, exercises, and techniques you are good to go, that’s all you and to control your P.E and last longer in bed.

Do your exercises regularly if possible with your partner and you are good to go.

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