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It is no news that most women out there desire men large penis size, most porn videos feature men with an insanely large penis and this has to lead many to feel so much worry about the size of there penis.

Most often, penis size differs according to culture and habitats, so having different penis size is perfectly normal.

Most people think that a bigger penis satisfies women more, but this not entirely true. The truth is it takes more than just a big penis to satisfy a woman during sex.

The size of a man’s penis has been discussed regularly, wondering what size is ok or not. If you’ve got an average of 6 inches then you are in the clear if not then you might want to do sometime about it.

Most men are stuck with there penis size because they think that enlarging it would cost a fortune but this entirely not true, YES there are different surgical methods which are quite expensive but there are also alternatives which are less expensive too.

This alternative may include pills and creams designed to help grow your penis size, these pills and creams ain’t that expensive and have proven great results but the fact remains that there are always side effects to using them.



Another method is the use of artificial gadgets which include hydro pumps, vacuum, and extenders.

But before you try this out beware that these methods do not come without side effects, they have the tendency of damaging the soft tissues around the penis.


The best method of increasing your penis size is to do it naturally and this involves the use of simple exercises which helps to increase the flow of blood to the penis and also improves the testosterone level. These exercises do not involve the use of any pills or gadgets just, the use of your hands to move your appendages in certain ways to increase penis size and they do not have side effects.

Here are some basic exercises to increase penis size

How to increase penis size without pills


This exercise must never be attempted on a fully erected penis, the penis must be somewhere between a complete boner and none at all or you can say semi-erected.

Step to follow include;

  • Apply lots of oil to the penis before carrying out this procedure
  • Make an ok sign with your hand and grab the base of your penis
  • Pull your hands towards the head of your penis like you are trying to give your penis a massage
  • Keep up this process for as long as you feel comfortable, the idea is to trap blood towards the head of your penis to increase the size
  • Stop the process immediately you start to feel pain.



The opposite pull

Like the previous exercise, this one should be done on a semi-erected penis. The opposite pull method is a very effective method when it comes to increasing the size of your penis.

Steps to follow include;

  • Grab the head of your semi-erected penis with your right hands
  • Grab the base of your penis with the other hand
  • Now pull both hands in the opposite direction, this step should be done gently to avoid damage to the soft tissue around the penis
  • Hold the above step for about 10seconds
  • Once these are done take a short break and repeat processes again for about 5 minutes


Rotation method involves the rotation of the phallus in a circular motion

Steps to follow include

  • Place a firm but gentle grip on the head of your penis
  • Stretch it outwards
  • Rotate in a circular motion simultaneously while stretching the penis
  • Try performing an anti-clockwise direction first
  • Then perform a clockwise direction
  • Finally, do multiple sessions daily for effective results.


Weight-lifting with your penis sound really scary but trust me when I say it really worth it.

But if you are not an expert I’ll advise on to carry out this process just in case you want to try it out

Here are the steps to follow

  • Attach a lightweight on your semi-erected penis and let it hang
  • You really don’t want to start going to the gym for this process there are weights designed for this type of purpose
  • The weight will pull down your penis thereby forcing it to stretch
  • You really don’t have to do anything on your part just let the weight do the job.


PC Muscle/Kegels

Men and women who suffer prostate or bladder problems have great testimonies about kegel exercise they are really effective in treating such diseases. However, this exercise also plays an important role in the improvement of sexual performance. Kegel has been known for helping men control erection and this also can play a role in making the penis look bigger.

Here are steps to follow

  • You need to first locate your pubococcygeus muscle which is located in between the scrotum and the anus
  • Another way to locate pubococcygeus muscle is by trying to move your dick towards the right and left without the use of your hands.
  • After locating your pubococcygeus muscle, start contracting it for about 30times daily
  • The rate of contraction should increase once you get used to it



The ultimate stretcher

This method is as simple as the name sounds all you have to do is stretch your penis downwards.

Steps to follow include

  • Grip the head of your penis firmly but gently you shouldn’t feel any this comfort in this process
  • Start stretching it out by pull outwards gently
  • When your penis is all stretched out, hold the position for about 20 seconds
  • Rest a while
  • Then repeat the process again

Stretching backward

This process can be a little tricky and so you really want to be careful when carrying out this process.

If you are not a pro its wise to use other techniques before trying this one out.

Steps to follow include;

  • Use thumb to pull the skin on your penis backward towards your body
  • Use the other hand to support the skin under the head of the penis
  • Hold the position for 10 seconds
  • Rest awhile and repeat the process again
  • The process should b done for 5 minutes daily for effective result

My advice is to ensure to carry out these steps safely and for every technique you wish to carry out please ensure to apply lots of lubricants.

The ones mentioned as harmful should be carried out with extra caution to avoid damage.

Thank you for reading and please do not forget to share.