A heart attack refers to the death of a segment of the heart muscle. This usually occurs when there is a loss of blood supply caused by a blood cot blocking the artery supplying blood to the heart muscles.
A heart attack is sometimes confused with a cardiac arrest, while heart attack involves the blockage of an artery leading to the heart, cardiac arrest, on the other hand, involves the heart-stopping the pumping of blood.
In other words, we can say that a heart attack may lead to a cardiac arrest.
NOTE: heart attack can also b referred to as cardiac infarction

  • Facts to note on the cardiac infarction
  • During a cardiac infarction, the heart muscles lose blood supply and are damaged
  • Chest pain and discomfort are common symptoms
  • Smoking and obesity are big risk factors


The following factors may be related to increased risk factors of cardiac infractions

Work stress

Stress itself is a great risk factor, you may want to avoid having a stressful job causes that give you a higher risk of heart attack


People who smoke are at higher risk of coming down with cardiac infarction than those who don’t smoke.


Excessive fat in the body can put great pressure on the heart


What we eat affects our body generally the heart included. Excess fatty food can increase the risk of heart attack.


Men over 45 and woman over 55 are more likely to come down with a cardiac infraction that people who are younger.


Having diabetes can increase your risk of having a cardiac infarction.


Hypertension can put unnecessary strain on the heart thereby increasing the chances.
High cholesterol level
This can increase the chances of a blood cot.


As cardiac infraction can b fatal, its wise to note the warning signs so as to know when you are coming down with one.
You may need to watch out for this warning signs listed below
Cold sweat, feeling lightheaded, nauseous feeling
Pain in the arms, discomfort in the neck, back stomach or jaw
Discomfort in the chest, the pressure of pain that lasts for several minutes
Sudden shortness of breath.
The very moment you begin to notice this signs please try as much as possible to get a doctors appointment.


The following are possible symptoms of cardiac infarction


There basically two types of complications that come after a cardiac infarction. The first comes almost immediately and the second comes afterward.

First complications

A ventricular aneurysm
The forming of a bulge in the heart chamber known as a ventricle
The reduction of oxygen level in the blood.
The irregular beating of the heart either too slow or to fast
Cardiogenic shock
A sudden drop in blood pressure resulting in the inadequate supply of blood to the body for proper function
Myocardial rupture
Increased risk of a heart wall rupture
Pulmonary edema
Body fluid accumulates in and around the lungs

Second complications

Erectile dysfunction

These could be as result of depression, but generally, its caused by vascular problem


Less oxygen reaching the hart thereby causing chest pain


Fluid accumulating in the ankles and legs resulting in swelling


Tissue build up on damaged heart wall leading to clot and low blood pressure.


A healthy lifestyle is a key to a cardiac infraction free life, once you’re healthy then you cannot be at risk of having a heart attack. Below are some tips to stay healthy

  • Eating a balanced diet
  • Exercise regularly
  • Keep diabetes under control
  • Learn to manage stress
  • Maintain good body weight
  • Less alcohol intake
  • Quit smoking
  • Get plenty of rest
  • Maintain blood cholesterol at an optimum level


More heart tissue deteriorates each minute after a heart attack, there are medications which are used in the treatment of a heart attack and they include;
Aspirin reduces blood clotting thus maintain the flow of blood through a narrow artery, in most emergencies, the medical personnel may administer aspirin immediately.

Pain relievers

Morphine is a good pain reliever, they can be used to treat pain.


These drugs help dissolve the blood clot. The faster you receive thrombolytics after a heart attack the greater your chances of surviving.


These are drugs which help control blood cholesterol

ACE inhibitors

These are drugs that help keep blood pressure in check and relieve stress from the heart.


Medications used in the treatment of chest pain and to improve blood flow to the heart


Medications use to help the muscles of the heart relax, reduces blood pressure. this medication can help limit the amount of muscle damage to the heart and prevent further damage.


Recovering from a cardiac infarction is a gradual process. Most times it all depends on the risk factor involved such as the persons age.

The following are ways in which a person can recover from a cardiac infarction;

Erectile dysfunction

One-third of men who suffer cardiac infraction have a problem getting an erection its advice to see the doctor for medication to help with that.
Research has shown that MEN which active sex life have less risk of cardiac infarction.

Resuming physical activity

Exercise is the best physical activity for recovering patient, an exercise program can be scheduled by a specialist to keep the patient active.

Driving again

A person who just suffered a cardiac infraction should restrain from driving for at least 4 weeks after recovery.

Exercise is the basic key to a healthy lifestyle, learn to do daily exercise to keep fit and stay healthy.
My next post will be featuring daily exercise for healthy living.
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