It is important to note the early symptoms of diabetes and start treating them as soon as possible. diabetes can be very deadly if not treated properly. sometimes its possible to have diabetes and not exhibit any symptom,most case may leave you unaware this is common in patients with type 2 diabetes.
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Its really important to see the doctor if you start having exhibiting any symptoms of diabetes.
common symptoms of diabetes

What are the early signs of diabetes?

1. Cut and bruises won’t heal properly

excess blood glucose can result in the slow down of the body healing rate thereby causing cuts and bruises that are supposed to take less healing time to take much time to heal. the moment you notice this symptom go get yourself checked out cause its possible you have diabetes.

2.Frequent gum infection

Frequent gum disease or infection could be a possible sign of diabetes.

3. Swollen gum/ gum pull away from teeth

if your gum are always swollen, this could be a possible sign of diabetes. the teeth becomes so loose and start pulling away from the gum.

4.Numbness and tingling in hands and feet

as a result of excess blood glucose your nerves could be damaged, and you can feel numbness and tingling as a result of the damaged tiny blood vessels in the body.

5.Sexual dysfunction in men

sexual dysfunction could be a possible symptoms especially among young men you are not over 50 years of age and are having erectile dysfunction.

6.Skin and yeast infection

if the amount of sugar in the body is high, the body tends to take a longer time to heal. women with diabetes find it difficult to recover from virginal and bladder infection.

7. Blurred vision

this is caused by tissue been pulled from eye lenses. with proper treatment this can be treatment,in most case there is prolonged blindness may occur.

8. Increased fatigue

fatigue is increased when your insulin is not working properly, this will result in glucose not entering your body cell thereby resulting in fatigue.

9.Unusual weight loss

since the body isn’t getting enough glucose to produce energy, body fat are broken down to produce energy. this is common among people with type 1 diabetes.

10.Frequent urination

when there is too much glucose in the blood,you tend to urine more often. when you have low insulin in the body, your kidney will not be able to filter glucose back to the blood instead it will draw water from. the blood in order to dilute the glucose which in turn fills up the bladder.

11.Unusual thirst

as a result of frequent urination, body liquid are lost. the need for the body to replace lost liquid results to unusual thirst.

12.Intense hunger

intense hunger comes as a result of absence if insulin and the body trying to produce more energy. this energy is gotten from the intake of food which results in intense hunger.

This is the possible symptoms of diabetes, whenever you begin to notice any of the above symptoms,

please kindly visit your doctor or a qualified professional for medical advice and check up.