Orange juice vitamin c; We consume oranges on a regular base, but how well do you know the importance and the health benefits of consuming oranges every day?.

Today we will be talking about the health benefits of orange juice vitamin c and how these vitamins can affect your health. Stay tuned and read to the end.

Oranges are segmented and round citrus fruit with a pitted peel. This fruit goes without season(it is available the whole year except for varieties like blood oranges that have a short season).

And as we all know their tastes can vary from sweet to bitter, which all depends on the variety.

The common varieties of orange include Valencia, clementine, tangelo, Cara Cara, blood, bitter, Lima etc.

Interesting facts about orange

  • Orange is the worlds third favorite flavor after vanilla and chocolate.
  • In the days of Queen Victoria in England, oranges were used for Christmas gifts.
  • Florida produces about 70% of oranges in the US and 90% goes for juice making.
  • there is mass production of over 25 billion oranges in America yearly.
  • Two most common varieties of orange are navel and Valencia.
  • Navel oranges got its name from the belly button shape near the bottom.
  • Oranges are the largest citrus crop in the world.

Without further ado lets quickly dive into the health benefits of consuming orange juice vitamin c

10 health benefits of consuming orange juice vitamin c

Orange juice vitamin c helps in brain development.

Oranges contain folate and folic acid which helps to promote brain development and as well keeps the vital organ in good working condition. These nutrients present in orange makes it the number recommended fruit for pregnant women, the reason is they help prevent the baby from having a neurological disorder.

orange juice vitamin c helps to combat heart diseases.

The most common cause of heart diseases is blockage of the arteries which is often facilate by unhealthy lifestyles and high intake of unhealthy foods too. I have discussed the various ways to avoid heart disease you can also check that out.

Citrus, on the other hand, contains flavonoid that aids in the reducing of excess cholesterol piling up in arteries. This reduction prevents the blockage of the arteries and protects you from having a heart condition.

Good for diabetics

Being diabetic sets you aside from most meals(most meals with sugar content). but you don’t have to worry about consuming oranges because they are rich in fiber that helps to keep your sugar level in check.

Also since you cant take sugary meals, its wise to consume more of oranges instead.

Boost your immunity

Orange juice vitamin c plays a vital role in the immune system, the act as an antioxidant that helps protect the body from damage as a result of radicals generated in the body.

Orange happen to be a very good source of naturally vitamin C. with just one full size orange, the daily requirement of about 72% of vitamin C is fulfilled.

Helps to fight viral infections

Orange juice vitamin c have a high content of polyphenols which helps the body to combat against viral infections.

They relieve constipation

Orange juice vitamin c contain high dietary fibers which stimulates the digestives juices and relieves constipation.

They protect the skin.

I will highly recommend daily consumption of oranges because they contain beta-carotene, which happens to be a very powerful antioxidant that protects the skin cells from damage. They can as well prevent aging signs.

You can also check out other ways to prevent aging.

Helps to lower cholesterol.

Orange juice vitamin c helps in lowering cholesterol, the vitamin content of citrus helps to oxidize cholesterol that sticks on the artery wall thereby also reducing the risk of heart diseases a well.

Contains phytochemicals that protect against cancer

Limonoids present in citrus has proven to help combat cancer in all forms including skin, lungs, stomach, breast, clon etc.

Helps in preventing kidney diseases

consuming orange juice vitamin c regularly helps to prevent kidney diseases and as well reduce kidney stone risk

Orange cautions:

  • It is of great importance that you wash your oranges at least with cold running water before consuming them.
  • The reason is because most farmers tend to stray insecticide over most orange crops.
  • Organic oranges do not have these chemicals, and are best for zest production.

Preparation and serving tips:

Making fresh orange juice at home is easy and much better than the ones you bought from the store, they mostly contain artificial coloring and preservative.

Wash your oranges before extracting the juice, this is to remove surface dirt and any pesticide residues on it.

I will advise you to juice at room temperature because they tend to product more juice at room temperature.

Ensure to juice properly by rolling the orange under the of your hand on a flat surface to get more juice out. It is best served at room temperature, there is no point chilling it.

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