Birth control also knows as contraception refers to the various ways or methods in which pregnancy can be avoided or prevented.
For thousands of years people have been using birth control methods to prevent pregnancy but the safest and most effective one is found in the 20th century. some culture despises or discourages birth control because they deem it political and religiously undesirable.


There different kinds of birth control methods that can be used depending on your body system and also what’s suitable for you and other, but birth control methods can be generally classified into two types which are


This method involves the prevention of sperm from reaching the eggs in the womb, a common example is the use of condoms.


This method involves the use of contraception pills to prevent ovulation.

There is easy or safest method of contraception, a woman should carefully weigh the risks and effectiveness of each method before making a choice. the choice of contraception depends on many factors such as reversible birth control or permanent birth control which will involve surgical procedures.

How long does it take for contraception to start working?

Some contraception starts working immediately you apply them, may include the barrier method which involves the use of condoms, diaphragms, cervical caps etc. whereas those involved in the hormonal method may not start working immediately after application.

Can you get pregnant on contraception?

There is no birth control that is 100% effective so this really possible to get pregnant on contraception but the chances are really slim, however the correct use of birth control method such as birth control pills gives you a 99% chances of not getting pregnant and for all other forms of birth control it is important to understand the concept of how they work before you use them.

What are the different types of birth control?

Like I mentioned early contraception is basically classified into two which are the barrier method that involves the prevention of sperm into the womb to meet the eggs
the various methods in which this can be achieved include:
1. condoms
2. diaphragms
3. cervical caps
4. spermicides
Another method of contraception is the hormonal contraception method which involves the various means of preventing ovulation this method include;
1.birth control pills
2. patches
3.virginal ring
you can also include the use of natural contraception methods which may include;
1. ovulation kits
2. tracking of the ovulation cycle
cervical mucus examination

side effects of contraception
hormonal methods

the most common side effect in hormonal contraception methods may include;

3.weight gain discoloration,
6.bleeding between periods or spotting,
7.mood swings
8.change in menstrual flow, and breast swelling or tenderness.
9.Heart attacks etc

Barrier method

the most common side effects involved in this method may include;
1. increased chances of having urinary tract infection from the use of diaphragms and spermicides
2. toxic shock syndrome as a result of leaving the diaphragm in for too long
3 development of irritation as a result of being allergic to chemicals used in the production of spermicides.

contraception can be temporary or permanent as a result of this a woman and her partner needs to take deep consideration of the cost, effect and the most suitable broth control method that satisfy their need.